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The Evergreen Evolution Academy
The Evergreen Evolution Academy is a high-level training program offered this Winter for boys of all skill levels and positions in the 3rd-11th Grade. This program features training 2x a week throughout the entire Winter (December through February) which allows athletes to sharpen their skills before the Spring season kicks off!
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Program Highlights:
  • All training held at the Evergreen Sportsplex in Leesburg, VA (Tuesdays/Sundays for 9th-12th | Thursdays/Sundays for 3rd-8th)
  • All training led by Evergreen's Directors, Current College Players and High School Coaches.
  • Training offered 2x a week from December throughout February that consist of:
  • Positional Training: Athletes work on position-specific skills with positional coaches (Goalies, FO, Attack, Defense, Midfield)
  • Concept & IQ Training: The game is broken down into smaller, situational segments to allow for high-paced training and accelerated development to improve lacrosse skills especially IQ.
  • Live Reps: The athletes compete against each other under constant instruction utilizing the skills learned from Positional and Concept/IQ Training.
You do not have to be a member of an Evergreen Lacrosse Travel Team to participate in this high-level training. Athletes from various clubs and organizations participate in our Evolution Academies all year-round to best prepare for their spring seasons.
Sneak Peak: Evergreen Evolution Academy:
Alternate Programs Available this Winter:
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Ricky Reyes IV
Technical Director, Evergreen Lacrosse Club
Head Lacrosse Coach, Woodgrove High School | @Evergreen_Lax